Remodelling and renovation of a three story apartment

Although the clients have done remodelling’s before, they needed a helping hand with this large project. Urban Habitats provided a well thought-out plan for structural interventions and an action plan for the renovation. The unused attic got special attention, here several options were suggested.


On the first floor routing was improved by a breakthrough to the kitchen and relocating several doors. This completely changed the way entering the living space is experienced, now the grandeur of the classic apartment shows as soon as you enter the hallway.

A large dormer was installed above the staircase to improve access to the attic, which was completely remodelled and transformed into a luxurious master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and access to a private rooftop terrace. A custom made wardrobe completes the design.


These structural interventions were completed with a total make over, thermic insulation, updated electrical and heating systems and instalment of new windows with double glazing etc. etc. The apartment will be up to date, for years to come.


Complete renovation and remodelling of a three storey apartment, coming out of rental period.





ZID, Den Haag

Strength engineer

Piers raadgevend-ingenieurs b.v. Rijswijk

Photography & impresions

Urban Habitats

  • permit check

  • zoning plan regulations check

  • building permit application

  • design

  • construction drawings

  • strength advice (strength engineer)

  • quotations and contractor selection

  • project management

  • client spokesman


Design, advice and project management ca. 10% of building costs

existing and new situation