Camilo Ridderplaat; residential pleasure

Most people live in homes designed, build or formerly lived in, by others. These houses have a history and seldom everything the current or future inhabitant needs.


As a designer I strive to adjust homes in a way that makes sense for the current or future owners. I love to work on existing homes, but also the design of new build housing demands​ a conscientious eye. I always spot solutions and know what it takes to get it right.

After my training at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) I worked at several architecture studios and gained experience with housing projects, commercial spaces, retail, offices, interior design and for example the conversion of an old registered mansion, from school to a luxurious apartment building. The designing of homes has always been my main interest. I combine that interest with the fact that I’m fully aware that ‘pleasure’ is the most important aspect clients get from my work.


Camilo Ridderplaat



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