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Custom made top floor apartment

The buyers of this apartment are curently living in a classic traditional family mansion in the exclusive Statenkwartier neighbourhood of The Hague. For their new very modern apartment they needed advice on the best possible floor plan, with a spot for a modern fire place and a furniture arrangement including some of their existing furniture. But their main wish was of course to get a set up that would give the new apartment a warm atmosphere similar to their current home.

The new fire place is combined with a flat screen TV and doubles as a room divider between lounge and diner table area. A large cupboard, an inheritance piece, gets framed in a custom made niche, achieved by thickening up an entire wall.

The kitchen is semi open, and slightly 'out of sight'. The solid wood floor is installed through the whole apartment without thresholds, except for the master bedroom, here the floor will be covered with a thick luxurious carpet. The bed is positioned in the middle against a large wardrobe that doubles as a room divider between bedroom and bathroom, which is combined with a walk in closet / dressing area.

With this design all features have a logic position for easy use. A lot more modern than the current house, but just as atmospheric and with a very pleasant character.


Modification of an existing penthouse design, according to personal wishes of the buyers.





NU Projectontwikkeling, Den Haag


Schouten Bouw en Ontwikkeling, Leidschendam


  • Floor plan layout modifications; 'Custom made new build apartment'

  • Design wall with custom niche for existing cupboard.

  • Construction drawings.

  • 'Custom made new build apartment' advice from: 495,- and up.

  • Design / construction drawings for custom interior parts; project dependable.