2nd floor extension for an existing home

This family was only interested in buying this family home, if both sons could have a room of similar size. It meant the smallest bedroom on the second floor should be extended. So they needed to know if that would be allowed by authorities. With a check of the local zoning plan and an online permit check, Urban Habitats not only found out what the possibilities were, but also suggested a workable solution for the extension. That meant the real estate agent received permission to start the bidding. 


In the next step the aesthetics committee agreed to the design. Although regulations on thermic insulation were just updated, all documents and drawings necessary for the permit application were accepted in one go, the permit was issued swiftly.

After determination of an acceptable building budget, the contractor started the work. With completion the house not only gained square meters, but also became more valuable and a bigger pleasure to live in.


Enlargement of a existing home with an 2nd floor extension





ZID Den Haag

Strength engineer

Piers raadgevend-ingenieurs b.v. Rijswijk


Urban Habitats

  • permit check

  • zoning plan check

  • design

  • permit aplication

  • construction drawings

  • construction advise (strength eng.)

  • quotations and contractor selection



Design, advice and project management: ca. 10% of building costs.