Remodelling of an existing fisherman's home

Initially the owners of this perky little fisherman's home, asked for ideas to have more daylight enter the home. It turned out to be just the first wish of a list. They wanted to renovate the rear storage space and partially turn it into a guest house, plus they needed storage space for at least 7 bikes and all the pet stuff.

To get more daylight into the house, a large glass facade with sliding doors was installed and the existing balcony was drastically narrowed.


The rear storage was renovated and divided into two spaces, a wash room and a guest house. The patio itself was also refurbished including instalment of an easy to clean natural stone floor. A new feature was placing a large storage space from front to end, and almost same height as the rear storage. This brought up the idea to add a roof terrace on top of the rear storage, as it became accessible when the new storage roof also became a walkway from the kitchen to the rear storage roof.

Starting of with a wish for more daylight, the usability and value of the entire house improved dramatically,  thanks to a wonderful exchange of ideas between designer and owners.





Existing fisherman's house remodelling




  • Vis in Huis, Den Haag

  • Robas bouw b.v. Kwintsheul

Strength engineer

Piers raadgevend-ingenieurs b.v. Rijswijk


Urban Habitats

  • permit check

  • zoning plan check

  • design

  • permit application

  • construction drawings

  • construction advice (strength eng.)

  • quotations and contractor selection

  • client spokesman


Design, advice and project management ca. 10% of building costs.