Micro apartment prototypes

Five different types of micro apartments, designed for future projects for a real estate developer / investor who will bring a new micro-living concept to the Netherlands.

Every prototype consists of a main floor plan with two or three alternative plans. All plans have options for furnished and unfurnished rental and are designed with specific target groups in mind; students, starters, young professionals and friends sharing one apartment.

For every type Urban Habitats thoroughly examined the balance between floorspace and usability, lay out, structure and possible furnishing arrangements.


This study proved once again that 30 cm more or less, is a big difference for such small living spaces. Possibilities of implementing 'changeable' furniture have been examined, and although versatile furniture is being used more and more these days, we've also tried to solve all space issues with 'low-tech' solutions. This to always have the possibility to furnish the micro apartments with regular furniture.


Some extra features were designed for every specific target group. These options could also add some extra marketability to coming projects.

An example of this is SKYBED, a bed placed in a glass bay window, with a glass ceiling, so 'sleeping under the stars' can be taken literally.

micro apartment

Design for five different prototypes of micro apartments with a surface area of approximately 18 to 42 m².



Investor / Developer / Lessor


  • Design / examination to best possible size and layout of floor plans for micro apartments for different target groups.

  • Bookwork with drawings and reference images.



Design of housing type, floor plans, alternative floor plans or apartment prototype: starts at 265,-

The housing market is changing fast, composition of households, society developments, its all changing rapidly. There is need for new housing types and  floor plans. Urban Habitats is specialized in contemporary living, and offer advice on new build housing projects.

micro apartment 21 m²
micro apartment 21 m²
micro apartment 27 m²
micro apartment 27 m²
micro apartment 37 m²
micro apartment 37 m²