Detached family home design

Most homes are being build according to traditional or 'proven' concepts from the past.

They give inhabitants a comforting and secure feeling, but don't necessarily correspond with contemporary lifestyles, family compositions or technical possibilities. 

The design of this detached family home combines traditional values with a modern lay out, in order to create a home that is both comforting and at the same time very usable, for a modern lifestyle.

A semi enclosed veranda is attached to the kitchen to create a longer 'outdoor' season. The volume of the 1st floor creates an overhang on the ground floor that protects the large glass facade against to much sun light in the summer. Underneath another porch is created that can be used all year through.

The floor plan is divided into several zones, each with it's own character and use. It's an open plan arrangement, but because of some 'distance' between the different zones, it's possible to have privacy and a feeling of being connected to each other.

The garden is an integrated part of the architecture, a mound in the rear garden creates privacy without a fence and underneath the semi open veranda, with see trough floor, there is a rock garden to create a view and feeling of well being.


Design for a detached family home



Projectontwikkelingsmaatschappij De Peyler, Hoorn


Ooms Bouwmaatschappij, Scharwoude

Strength engineer

Raadschelders Bouwadvies b.v., Spaarndam

Photography and scale model

Urban Habitats

  • zoning plan check

  • design housing type

  • architecture and materials

  • details



Design, advice and project management: ca. 10% of building costs.