Two detached family homes

With his retirement in sight a local real estate developer is assigned by the municipality of Hoorn to have two family homes designed and build. As a special gift the developer is allowed to act as a mini aesthetics committee himself. As long as the designs commit to local zoning regulations, of course.


Architecturally both houses are family, but they have a different setup, colour scheme and both are designed with different possible expansions in mind.
On the front the homes face the entrance road to the borough, so the front facades have a more secluded design. The rear façade is opened up with a lot of glass for a free view towards the garden.


Each house serves a different target group. No. 18 has a large separate room on the ground floor that can be used as a guest room, study, home office or practice. This house is ideal for an entrepreneurial couple.

The second house, nr. 38 has a more traditional family set up with four bedrooms and very suitable for a larger family.

The homes were sold to buyers who immediately made use of the pre designed possibilities to customize the floor plans to their personal needs.


Two detached family homes in Pissarrohof, a suburb of Hoorn (Noord-Holland)



Projectontwikkelingsmaatschappij De Peyler, Hoorn


Ooms Bouwmaatschappij, Scharwoude

Strength engineer

Raadschelders Bouwadvies b.v., Spaarndam


André Kruysen & Urban Habitats

  • zoning plan check

  • design

  • construction drawings

  • first phase permit application

  • incorporate personal wishes of buyers​


Design, advice and project management: ca. 10% of building costs.