Floor plan artist impressions

These floor plan drawings focus on showing the possibilities of homes that are not build yet. They offer vision, both for the real estate professional as interested home buyers.

There are a lot of different possibilities in style and technique the drawings are produced. Sometimes as a more sketchy image or hand drawing, other projects require a more clean-cut look and start with a computer generated drawing.


Urban Habitats floor plans have realistic furniture arrangements based on proper use of space and best options for specific homes.



There are a lot of studio's producing these artist impressions, Urban Habitats distinguishes by always acting as an interior architect and looking at the real possibilities of a home, coming up with surprising furniture arrangements and suggestions on best use for the new home. Of course all this shown in a seductive presentation.



Floor plan drawings and floor plan artist impressions for marketing campaigns of new build housing projects.


Real estate professionals

  • Home floor plan drawings

  • Furniture arrangement drawings


Floor plan artist impressions for new to be build housing projects. Different styles and possibilities starting from 350,- up to  725,- per floor plan


  • Urban Sketch 350,-

  • Urban Mix 490,-

  • Urban Full 550,-

  • Urban Max 695,-

  • Urban Lines 625,-

  • Urban Style 725,-


Exact conditions and specifications upon request.