Living area interior

Building this detached family home took far more time and energy than expected, finally the owners, a couple with three children, moved in with all the furniture of their previous home.

After some time they got used to the new space and decided it was time to get an interior that fits their needs and wishes. Together with Urban Habitats the owners created a new interior design with a minimalistic feel and with an arrangement of high end furniture from design labels like Minotti.

Urban Habitats provided a lay out for the main living area, containing zones for different activities. Each zone is clearly distinguished by the configuration of the furniture in combination with carpets and interior accessories. The living area is an open plan space, but the combination of the different zones brings a warm homely atmosphere.

The open kitchen with large 3 x 1,2 m island, is combined with a large dining table with 8 seats. Next to it, in the middle area, there is a lounge for relaxed reading and conversation. The position next to the kitchen is ideal for entertaining during cooking activities. On the other side, separated by an open room divider a giant flat-screen is mounted on the wall, surrounded by a huge corner sofa, this is the TV area. It's position is far enough not to disturb other family members and visitors, but still close enough to keep contact. In the same area a small desk is placed to accommodate after hours work, without being too 'detached' from other family members activities.

indeling woonruimte en woonkeuken

Interior main living area of a detached family home.




  • Pivoting door: Bod'or, Someren

  • custom made walk in closet: Justus en Tjebbo interieur - meubelmakers, Wormerveer

  • Minotti furniture: Linea Design, Den Haag



Urban Habitats

  • lay out main living area

  • colour scheme and materials

  • furniture, carpets and light armatures

  • design, construction drawing and project management custom made walk in closet

  • client spokesman


Design, advice and project management ca. 5 á 15% of building costs.

Urban Habitats provides different types of advice and services with fixed pricing, from simple suggestions and 'ideas' to thorough advice and complete project management.


There is a colour advice from 195,-