3 apartment buildings Sveaparken | work done while employed at Mei architects, Rotterdam

This new urban plan near Schiedam (Rotterdam) is designed according a Swedish theme.

The first build multi coloured wooden family homes show what's expected. It was required that the much larger apartment buildings, somehow matched the same theme, but also build according to Dutch tradition and regulations and of course with long term maintenance in mind.

The theme is interpreted differently for each building where the different housing types were literally the 'building blocks' of the buildings. The urban plan and extra added functions like parking garages, shops and a large supermarket defined the way the buildings are connected to each other.

The starter apartments are planned around a partially sunken garage. Some of the apartments face the surrounding water, the others overlook the semi secluded courtyard. These are small apartments meant for young families. The roof of the garage is designed as a save playground for children.

The social housing apartments are build in a very efficient building method and have external access galleries. A lot of effort is done to get the best possible floor plans within the tight budget. The galleries meander trough the different building parts and are partially covered with wooden slats. The facades and balconies have warm colours, all to create a very pleasant living environment.

The mid range apartments are concentrated in the largest building. Two third of the apartments had the option for buyers to choose their preferred position for lounge or dining area; either facing the lively square or overlooking the water and spectacular panoramic view. The apartments are build on top of commercial spaces for shops, a medical centre and large super market.





3 apartment buildings for diferent target groups:

  • social housing

  • starter apartments

  • mid range apartments


Ontwikkelingscombinatie Sveaparken:

BEMOG projektontwikkeling, Zwolle

AM Wonen, Utrecht

Bokx Vastgoed Ontwikkeling, Rotterdam


BAM Woningbouw

Volker Bouwmaatschappij

Strength engineer

Bouwadviesbureau Van der Ven, Ridderkerk


Urban Habitats

Project while employed at Mei architects, Rotterdam

project architect involved in:

  • main set up of buildings

  • housing types and floor plans

  • architecture and materials

  • building details

  • permit applications


Design, advice and project management are project dependable.

Design housing type, floor plan, alternate for existing floor plan design: from 265,-