Design for a high end apartment building Rotterdam | employed at Mei architects, Rotterdam

Breaking down pre war buildings is not done in Rotterdam. Despite of this fact the owner, a real estate developer, wanted to investigate if a carefully designed new build residential building would be supported by the community.

The harbour location with its view across the Maas river, is an interesting site for those who love living in dynamic urban areas. The building is designed with spacious apartments and has indoor patio's and glass shafts to get day light deep into the building. All apartments are equipped with a 'Home Delivery Box' with refrigerator, to be able to receive groceries and packages when the owners are out. Several apartments have the option to choose between either more living space or a larger balcony or loggia.

To be able to make that choice, owners can take into account that the building will also have a large communal roof top terrace with panoramic view of the river.


Design for an 14 apartment high end residential building with ground floor commercial space and parking basement


Real estate developer


Project while employed at Mei architects, Rotterdam

project architect involved in:

  • main set up of building

  • housing types and floor plans

  • architecture and materials

  • building details

  • permit application


Design, advice and project management are project dependable.

Design housing type, floor plan, alternate for existing floor plan design: from 265,-