Home extension

For a family with two enthusiastic surfers, father and son, this house in the Vogelwijk neighbourhood of The Hague, was almost perfect. The 50’s family home is located in a luscious green area and only a stone´s throw away from the beach, but also a little too small for their needs.


Urban Habitats designed a stylish modern extension to add the desired extra space to the house. By designing within regulated boundaries it was allowed to build this extension without building permit, which meant more freedom in the appearance and building method. It is well insulated and complies with all current building regulations.

The extension contains a shower and storage space for the surfers, that doubles as a guest bathroom. It also has a large multifunctional room that will be used as a second sitting area, a guest room, but mostly as the best sounding home cinema with a descending movie screen and beamer and a 13 speaker surround sound system.


The large extension has an overall dark grey appearance, that gives the impression of a more modest volume added to the original architecture.

After selecting the right contractor and agreeing to an acceptable building budget, the extension was built swiftly and with that added comfort, extra features and shear value to the house.


40 m² ground floor expansion of a 50's family home




Aannemersbedrijf D.C. van den Boogaard b.v. Den Haag

Strength engineer

Piers raadgevend-ingenieurs b.v. Rijswijk


Charlie Taylor Photography Den Haag

  • permit check

  • zoning plan check

  • extension design

  • construction drawings

  • advice construction (strength eng.)

  • quotations and contractor selection

  • spokesman client

  • project management


Design, advice and project management: ca. 10% of building costs.

right side of extension